Ritual Ware – Game Jam Build Download

ritual ware

Ritual Ware, a Wario Ware-Style Game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you quickly going through your daily routine and carrying out some increasingly bizarre tasks.

In this short but super fun game, you are a playing a perfectly normal man. He is going about his completely normal and not at all demon-esque day. As fast as you possibly can, you must help him with his daily tasks as face paced mini games. These simple, easy to catch onto games are quite normal… at first.

They include turning off your alarm clock, opening your eyes, picking your nose hair, catching the bus – basic things you must do to start your day. After you are all ready, you go to work and complete your not-so-normal tasks.  The faster you complete your tasks the higher your score will be.  It’s a fun little game with a very silly twist – you may not have to complete the most normal of tasks, but you must still follow your daily ritual!

Download Ritual Ware Here (Link at Bottom of Page)