R’LYEH ASSAULT – Game Jam Build Download

R’LYEH ASSAULT is a tense and atmospheric Lovecraft inspired first person horror game which sees you using the Necronomicon to fight Cthulhu and his dragon minions.

Created for the Bad Lovecraft Games game jam, R’LYEH ASSAULT may not be the most authentic Lovecraft video game adaptation, but it sure is a great horror game! You are tasked with making your way through the small fishing town of R’Lyeh and destroying the all-mighty Cthulhu and his dragon minions. You can use the Necronomicon to attack them, but attacking or just looking at the Eldritch horrors saps your sanity (which you can recover by closing your eyes).

The final battle with Cthulhu is infuriatingly tough and there are no checkpoints, but aside from that R’LYEH ASSAULT is a fantastic little horror game. The creepy black and white visuals combine with the atmospheric audio to create a very tense experience. Each monster you meet instils you with terror and you have to dispatch them as quickly as possible before they sap your sanity. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download R’LYEH ASSAULT Here (Windows)