Road Doom – Beta Download

Road Doom offers a fun mix of Mad Max road racing, stylish cartoony visuals and intense bullet hell as you start up your engine and blast your way through masses of deadly alien monsters.

In Road Doom you drive (and fly) your heavily armed hot rod through a Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic world populated by a wide array of deadly alien monsters. There’s a nice selection of enemies to blast and big bosses to take on as you roll through the wasteland. You earn drone power-ups that orbit your car for blasting enemies and collecting the items they drop and you can also purchase more powerful permanent upgrades from the shop at the end of the level.

Road Doom is a bullet hell game, but it’s a fairly easily accessible one. Things get very tough later on, but it eases you into the action over the first few levels, the hit box is fairly forgiving and the upgrades you can purchase greatly increase your odds of survival.

It’s a fun game that impresses with its distinctive visual style, superb chiptune soundtrack and bullet hell gameplay that manages to be easily accessible while still packing a serious challenge. A road rage bullet hell shooter well worth rolling out with.

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Download The Road Doom Beta Here (Windows)