Road Flip – Game Jam Build Download

Road Flip features a fun blend of terrain shaping, driving, platforming and backseat screaming as you take your family on a cross country road trip.

In Road Flip you control your humble little family car and attempt to drive across some dangerous mountain terrain. The roads aren’t actually built yet, so you can sculpt them from the rock using the mouse then try to make your way through them. A family car isn’t exactly the most agile of vehicles for driving and jumping through rocky landscapes but with a bit of luck you’ll make it through, and you can even pick up some nice postcards along the way if you fancy a real challenge.

The visuals in Road Flip are simple, but stylish and packed full of nostalgia. The other thing that brings back a flood of old memories is the screaming and squabbling coming from the kids in the back seats of the car (particularly when you pass by a McDonalds). It’s a nice little touch that adds a lot of charm to your cross country adventure.

It’s a great little game that’s a joy to play as you drive, jump and flip along your bumpy self-built roads. It’s likely that the driver will need another vacation after this vacation though!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Road Flip Here (Windows & Mac)