Road to Nowhere – Alpha Demo

Road to Nowhere features a very unique fusion of synthwave, neon noir, FMV and point and click adventure gameplay as it follows an introverted software developer whose life is torn apart by a scandal.

In Road to Nowhere you follow the story of Cohle Bishop, an introverted software designer who starts to doubt his own sanity as accusations from his Ex plunge him into a scandal. He is devastated by this and sets out on the open road to try and get away from it all, driving from town to town, tring to get his memories and his emotions in order.

The current demo build of Road to Nowhere features around 15 minutes of gameplay and has a lot of rough edges, but shows a lot of promise. The main issues at the moment are that there’s very little gameplay and the narrative seems a little too downbeat and self-pitying (it makes it very hard to care about your character). It’s got a great sense of style though and it does a great job of blending the FMV with the point and click gameplay. An interesting concept with a lot of potential.

Download The Road to Nowhere Alpha Demo Here (Windows)