ROADKILL – Game Jam Build

ROADKILL is a wonderfully weird LSD Dream Simulator inspired first person experience that explores combines death with funky visuals and dancing raccoons!

There’s little in the way of interaction or objectives in ROADKILL, with you instead just exploring two very different trippy environments. The first scene revolves around the death of a racoon by the side of a road and the second scene is a bizarre party maze that appears to center around rebirth and is filled with dancing raccoons and racoon girls.

The two levels (with ten+ planned) in the current build of ROADKILL are fairly small and there’s no way to actually ‘complete’ the game – you just quit when you’ve had enough of roaming around the funky racoon maze. It’s a great little experience though that will freak you out with the first scene than make you smile with it’s infectious tune and adorable dancing racoons in the second. A short, strange and silly racoon dream simulator well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ROADKILL Here (Windows)