RoadOut – Game Jam Build Download

RoadOut is an isometric action game inspired by Zelda and Rock N’ Roll Racing, where you search for batteries in a post-apocalyptic world full of dangerous gangs.

After your car has run out of power, you look in the nearest building in hopes of finding something useful. Armed with just a crowbar, you must smash your way through little robots, turrets, and other enemies, collecting the shapes they drop, which can be used to craft upgrades. You will find switches that need to be bashed, which are sometimes out of view, so rotating your screen to make sure you see everything is a good idea.

Once you have gathered enough shapes, RoadOut will show you the crafting bench. This bench allows you to turn your shapes into other shapes, which will eventually be enough to unlock upgrades to your character, making you stronger, faster, or giving you new powers like the ability to dash. Exploring the building is pretty straight forward, often there is only one way to continue but sometimes you’ll have options to which door you want to take. There is a little mini-map to showcase where you have been and where you are going, which is useful.

RoadOut is a very polished Ludum Dare 45 game, especially given the time restrictions of the jam. The graphics and animations are polished and look nice, and the crafting elements are a nice touch. Hopefully you can make it to someplace with a battery!

Download RoadOut Here (Windows)