Roadwarden – Beta Demo

Roadwarden is a beautifully illustrated text-based RPG adventure with a focus on real role-playing as you become a lone Roadwarden, hired by the Merchant Guild to roam the wilderness, guarding travellers, connecting isolated villages, supporting merchants and fending off bandits and monsters.

The wilderness that Roadwarden takes place is a dangerous land, filled with deadly creatures, bandits and undead monstrosities. Most people don’t venture there unless they really need to, but Roardawdens embrace it, helping to deliver messages, aid merchants and keep the monsters and bandits at bay. You are one such Roadwarden, who has just been sent to a new post and must now try to survive, discover the secrets of the area and make it (a relatively) safer place.

Roadwarden incorporates elements of text-based adventures, RPGs, Visual Novels and adventure games to create a very unique and immersive role-playing experience. It feels a little like you’re playing a single-player D&D game, with a rich fantasy game world that you can experience in many different ways depending on your actions.

You can become a warrior, mage or scholar and define your traits as you play the game. Trust is in short supply in the wilderness but you will meet plenty of NPCs. How you deal with them is up to you and it’s not just your word that matter – you can choose whether to appear friendly, playful, distanced, vulnerable or intimidating, with different approaches wielding different outcomes.

It’s a very impressive game that really immerses you in its world and makes all of your choices seem important. A well crafted illustrated text-based adventure that puts the “role-playing” back into the RPG.

Download The Roadwarden Beta Demo Here (Steam)