Robes – Beta Download

Robes is an addictive little roguelike top-down shooter where you control a little wizard who uses a variety of upgradeable spells to fend off hordes of attacking enemies.

In Robes your aim is to survive for as long as possible while being attacked by waves of enemies. You can purchase and equip three spells which you can use to slay the hordes of monsters. You have to be a little tactical when you use them though as the spells have cooldowns.

You need to fight off six waves of enemies per round and between each round you can purchase and equip spells and perks. As you progress you can buy more powerful versions of the spells/perks, but they can be a substantially more expensive so you’ll need to save up!

It’s a fairly simple, but addictive game with some great pixel art animation and a nice gameplay loop of blasting monsters and upgrading your skills. See how long you can survive using your wizarding skills!

Download the Robes Beta Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)