ROBO-KEY – Game Jam Build

ROBO-KEY is a clever little puzzle platformer where your little robotic avatar can only perform 3 different types of actions per level and you have to decide which ones before you start.

In ROBO-KEY you control a charming little WALL-E-esque robot who is only capable of storing three types of move in it’s memory at once. This means that at the start of each level you have to select a loadout of which moves you’ll need. Initially these moves are fairly basic, such as “Left”, “Right” or “Jump”, but as you progress you unlock new abilities such as “Wallwalk” and “Levitate” that allows for far more complex level design.

The puzzles in ROBO-KEY are a little on the easy side early on but they get satisfyingly challenging later on. It’s a clever concept that continually has you thinking about optimal move loadouts for your plucky little robot and continually surprises with how much you can achieve with just three buttons. A clever little puzzler well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play ROBO-KEY Here (Browser)