Robo Rapture – Student Game Download

Robo Rapture is a tricky turn-based tactical mini-RPG where you control three unique units as they slay demons in a post-Rapture Earth.

Created by students at the Vancouver Film School, Robo Rapture units you in charge of a team of three robots as they fight their way through a post-Rapture Earth to take down the almighty Neo-Satan. Your units are hugely outnumbered and out-gunned so you need to be very tactical, being sure to take out enemy units while avoiding damage yourself. To make matters worse you have to keep moving through the environment as the land behind you turns into lava and lighting rains from the sky.

You only get three units for the whole game (which lasts around 45 minutes), so you really need to do your best to keep all of them alive – especially as they are built to work as a team, with one melee bot, one ranged bot and one support bot. Killing enemies can allow you to unlock useful upgrades for them to, which allows them to unleash some devastating special attacks.

The odds really don’t seem to be in your favor when you start Robo Rapture, but once you get used to it then it makes for a very strategic almost Chess-like experience as you maneuver your robotic crew through the hellish landscape. It’s a very addictive game, with well balanced gameplay and some excellent pixel art animation. Highly recommended.

Download Robo Rapture Here (Windows)