Robocraft – Open Beta (Steam)

robocraft beta

Robocraft is a very impressive multiplayer robot combat game in which players build, drive and fight all manner of cool machines, from mechs to helicopters, each kitted out with all manner of high powered weaponry.

It’s taken Robocraft quite some time to reach the Beta stages of development (we first featured it in it’s Alpha form way back in 2014), but good things come to those who wait and the devs have certainly been busy turning the game into the most comprehensive robot battle arena you could ask for. It’s a very polished experience and the variety of robots you can create is incredible, including mechs, tanks, spaceships, jets, helicopters or any other forms of transport you can dream up.

You start with a standard assortment of building blocks, with lots more unlockable more during play, or you can even craft specific parts in the ‘Cube Forge’. This means that the only limit to what you build is your imagination, with the only constraint being that every robot has a maximum CPU (Computational Processing Unit) limit of 2000 (each cube you add to your vehicle costs a certain amount of CPU’s).

Once built, there’s a variety of multiplayer game modes and maps to test out your robots fighting prowess in fun, carnage-filled combat that sees parts flying off vehicles when they’re damaged. It is a free to play game, so there are some irritations with pay to win and balancing (specifically the crate system), but the CPU limit generally avoids overpowered robots and all the parts are unlockable via normal gameplay (though you’ll obviously have to work a little harder for them).

It’s taken 3 years for Robocraft to reach Beta so god knows how long it’ll take until it reaches a final release but even in this form it’s the most easily accessible and comprehensive robot building combat game around. A rather good robot rumble!

Tip: When building a robot you can press ‘M’ to enter mirror mode – very handy for helping make your robot symmetrical quickly.

Join In The Robocraft Open Beta Here (Steam)