RoboCraft Royale – Open Alpha

RoboCraft Royale is now in open Alpha, with players able to download the launcher now and join in the fusion of modular destructible vehicle warfare and open world last man standing Battle Royale gameplay.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, RoboCraft Royale allows 100 players to battle to the death in all manner of air and land based vehicles built by the RoboCraft community. All players start the game in feeble little buggies, but can then capture and use any of the hundreds of unique vehicles hidden around the battlefield.

As in RoboCraft, the vehicles in RoboCraft Royale can come in many shapes and sizes, including helicopters, tanks, mechs and even mecha-dinosaurs. Size isn’t everything – agility can be just as important and each vehicle takes modular damage too, so targeting certain parts of vehicles can be advantageous.

There is a bit of a glut of PUBG-inspired Battle Royale combat games at the moment, but Robocraft Royale does offer a unique vehicle based twist on the genre and the variety of vehicles is very impressive. Join in the Alpha now to see if you have what it takes to be the last vehicle rolling!

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available