Robot Rice Cooker Revolt – Game Jam Build

Robot rice cooker revolt

Control a self-aware rice cooker in the Let’s Go Jam entry, Robot Rice Cooker Revolt.

In this charming 3D game, you get to lead a revolt! Only, it’s a revolt of robot rice cookers who have become so self-aware that they realized that there is more to life than sitting in a dojo. Now, you must round up your rice cooker friends and make it to the exit without getting caught by the hungry sumo wrestlers!

In each level, there are 10 rice cookers that you need to guide to freedom. Sumo wrestlers also are in this dojo, and once they see a rice cooker, it will remind them how hungry they are. They will then start chasing the rice cookers around the room. Thankfully, these sumo wrestlers are not the fastest, however, if they do touch a rice cooker, they will then pick it up and eat all of the rice out of it. Once the rice is liberated from the cooker, the rice cooker dies.

Lead as many rice cookers to the exit as you can in this short adventure. There is even one level in which you can almost fight back against these rice consuming monsters, guiding sumo wrestlers into flames to watch them burn up. Be careful though, as the flames can also consume you and your rice cooker friends.  Save your friends and become the leader of this appliance revolt in this sumo wrestler dojo!

Play Robot Rice Cooker Revolt in your Unity supported browser HERE