2 thoughts on “Robot Rumble 2.0 – Alpha Download & Beta Sign Up”

  1. The game even though in its alpha stage is really good. However I would like the following to make it to the final release. Make the workshop more easier and make it so that we are guided to build a demo robot first before actually starting on our own project. I am a fan of both Robot Wars and Battlebots but don’t have a clue as to how to make a bot from scratch. So the tutorial on how to build will be real helpful for beginners. Also you must add some of the verified teams of both Battlebots and Robot wars as it will surely make this game real popular. Speaking about bots add a horizontal spinner. That is one of the best bots around right now (Carbide and Tombstone 😁 ) A replay with slow motion feature really anticipated. And something I personally want and really optional feature, a behind the bot constant camera angle like every other car racing game out there. Think it would really suit for this kind of genre of game and might help make controlling the bot easier 😅

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