Robotherapy – Beta Demo

Robotherapy is a witty Sci-Fi visual novel adventure about a terrible robotic therapist living in a robotic civilization that successfully wiped out the Human race.

In Robotherapy mankind has been exterminated but it hasn’t brought the happiness that was expected, especially not to you. You’re a rather bad robot therapist who spears their internal thoughts out loud, is plagued by nightmares and will happily tell his patients to self-destruct. However, a chance meeting with another therapist and gaining a new patient may help you turn things around.

As it’s a visual novel, the gameplay is pretty limited (dialogue choices and the occasional minigame), but it weaves a very entertaining story. The dialogue is well written, the characters are a lot of fun and post-human society is interesting (and about as dysfunctional as a human society). See if you can avoid telling your patients to kill themselves!

Download The Robotherapy Beta Demo Here (Steam)