Roche Fusion, Beta Download


Roche Fusion is a fast paced, hardcore arcade shoot-em-up with snazzy special effects, lots of over the top weaponry, big boss battles and procedurally generated attack waves.

It’s a tough game, that rewards skill and fast reflexes.  Battles take place on a single screen, with enemies swooping in for procedurally generated wave based attacks, making the game feel like Space Invaders on steroids at times.  The power-ups also deserve a special mention, they’re well designed and pretty spectacular, particularly the Black Hole Gun that shoots a big black hole that sucks enemies in to their demise.

UPDATE: Version 0.5.1 has now been released, with improved graphics and visual effects, online leaderboards, more enemies, a new boss, more diverse upgrades, gamepad support and 2 player co-op.   It’s still hard as nails, but damn it’s pretty.

Visit the Official Website HERE

Download the Beta HERE (Win & Mac)

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    • You’re welcome! It’s a great game, best of luck with it! I’ll update the post with the OSX Beta :)

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