Rocket Fist – Pre-Alpha Demo

Rocket Fist game

Rocket Fist is fun new multiplayer arena combat game that plays a little like a top down version of Nidhogg and dodgeball, with you firing rocket propelled fists at each other in wonderfully chaotic battles.

Played with one to four players, each player starts the game armed with a single rocket fist and must choose their shots wisely.  Once you fire it you have no weapon until you pick up either your fist, someone else’s fist or the single spare fist in the centre of the stage.

The current build is still very early in development, but it’s already great fun.  The dev plans a wide selection of additions to Rocket Fist, including harder AI, hazards, more levels and a fully featured single player dungeon crawling mode.

Rocket League has already proven that adding rockets to sport can be a blast, Rocket Fist looks set to continue that trend with fast paced rocket powered dodgeball.  Just remember Patches O’Houlihan’s 5 D’s of dodgeball – Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!

UPDATE: Pre-Alpha Demo No Longer Available

1 thought on “Rocket Fist – Pre-Alpha Demo”

  1. Wow great! I love it! The concept is cool and the speed, NicE!
    I wonder how the Adventure mode will be, looking forward to more from this!
    Watch a video of me playing it here:

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