Rocket Girl – Student Project

rocket girl

Rocket Girl, a student project create by Carter and Joel Hill, is a beautifully polished 2D Puzzle platformer with heavy influence from the game FEZ.

The game takes the concept of FEZ and highlights it beautifully in this game. You must collect a certain amount of coins to progress to the next level. Using either the “b” and “n” keys or LB/RB on an Xbox 360 controller, you manipulate the world be rotating it 90 degrees left or right. In doing so this gives you access to paths that were once unreachable or to high to get to. Mastering the turning formula can be tricky at first, but once you get a hang of it the levels begin to lose their complexity but still maintain an enjoyable experience.

The game is short, boasting only 3-4 levels of FEZ-esque gameplay that will leaving you begging for more. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking for a 16bit styled game, and the music soundtrack is not only uplifting, but also soothing to sit back and listen to. It’s a game you’d play when you just wish to relax and play something that won’t eat up a lot of time. All in all Rocket Girl is an amazingly polished nostalgic trip that fans of FEZ and puzzle platformers will fall in love with.

Note: The Xbox 360 controller only works through the Chrome Browser, and the game may not work on some browsers.

Play Rocket Girl Here (May Take A While To Load)

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  1. Hey, one of the developers here! Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Erik Skiff, the composer of the music you hear in the game. He’s obviously very talented and was kind enough to release use music under a Creative Commons License.

    We also used a lot of assets from Thank you to everyone who made their content available to us!

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