Rocket of Souls – Game Jam Build

Rocket of Souls is a stylish and atmospheric space shooter where you sacrifice humans to save humanity in a ship that’s powered by souls.

In Rocket of Souls a giant asteroid is about to wipe out all human life on planet earth and in a last ditch effort to save mankind, an ark ship has been launched containing a few hundred people and cargo containers with useful items to get your colony up and running. All of the humans are in stasis capsules, with you able to read their name, age, birthplace and occupation by hovering the mouse over it. Unfortunately not everyone will make to to the destination, but the occupation of whichever ones do will shape the type of civilization it ends up being.

The ship has a destination set, but it’s a very perilous trip, with a constant barrage of meteors heading for you. You need to man a gun that’s mounted to the front of your ship and attempt to keep the meteors at bay. However, the entire ship and the gun that you fire is powered by souls – you’ll need to make some sacrifices to make it to your destination in one piece.

Rocket of Souls is packed full of great little touches that you don’t really get a chance to appreciate as you play the game, as manning the gun and sacrificing souls takes all of your concentration. The audio and visual design is superb, delivering an atmospheric experience that really draws you in. The fact that every person you sacrifice has a name and a life is a particularly nice touch, which makes you feel a little guilty for trading them for fuel – especially as their expertise would really have an effect on shaping the new colony!

Note: Unless you’re an incredibly skilled gunner we’d recommend jettisoning all of the cargo containers right at the start as they decrease fuel consumption.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Rocket of Souls Here (Windows)