Rocket Ranger Reloaded – Alpha Demo

Rocket Ranger Reloaded

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is a great looking action adventure game based on the 1988 classic – Rocket Ranger – but with tons of extra bells and whistles and a massive graphical upgrade.

Maintaining the tongue-in-cheek B-movie storyline of the original, involving time travel and Nazi’s harvesting a rare mineral from a secret moon base, it looks set to offer charmingly nostalgic blast of pulp science fiction.   The full game will feature a mix of action, strategy and RPG elements, but the Alpha Demo focuses on a Space Harrier-Style arcade into-the-screen shoot-em-up action sequence – great fun and full of spectacle.

Already over halfway to it’s Kickstarter goal of $89,999, Rocket Ranger Reloaded looks set to offer nostalgic thrills of the original, but with a vast graphical upgrade and lots of new features.  Rocket Ranger you are cleared for take-off.

Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo HERE