Rocket Sword – Beta Download

Rocket Sword is a wonderfully chaotic action game where you fly around the screen slaying enemies with a rocket-powered sword.

In Rocket Sword your aim is to survive for as long as possible and rack up as high a score as possible by slaying enemies with your rocket-powered sword. You use the mouse to aim the sword, use the left mouse button to fire its rocket and use the right mouse button to swing it through the air. What follows is a joyous chaotic ballet of bullets, bodies and rocket-powered sword-swinging carnage.

It’s a fairly simple game, but Rocket Sword shows a lot of promise and is a ton of fun. There’s a real joy to be had from swishing your sword and swooping through the air or skimming across the ground and impaling enemies on your ludicrous sword. Simple, silly and super fun sword-swinging mayhem.

Download or Play The Rocket Sword Prototype Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)