Rockin’ Road – Alpha Demo

Rockin’ Road is a delightfully chaotic arcade motorbike racing game inspired by Road Rash and FlatOut, which sees you hurtling along intertwined tracks and beating up your rivals with melee weapons!

Currently in development by VR-Gamers (creator of HASTE and MISTfortuneRockin’ Road is a cartoony arcade racing game where the best way to beat your opponents is to beat them up! It’s very much geared towards fun than racing simulation, with arcadey handling, the ability to hit your enemies and tracks contain hidden collectibles and secret short-cuts.

In the current build of Rockin’ Road you can customize your character and choose a weapon then jump on a motorbike and race around three tracks. The best track is “Airplane Chase”, where you chase an airplane through a canyon system while whacking any rivals that get anywhere near you. You can kick your enemies, which shoves them off in the opposite direction (hopefully into a chasm or a wall) or you can whack them in the face with your chosen weapon (hopefully knocking them off their bike).

The visuals could do with a bit more polish and the boost could do with a little more oompf, but it’s a lot of fun and there’s a real joy in nailing one of your rivals in the face with a guitar! Wacky weapon-wielding races well worth taking part in.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rockin’ Road Alpha Demo Here