Rockrocket – GameJam Build Download


Rockrocket is a wonderfully atmospheric one-screen platformer full of secrets to discover, in which you must explore, collect and activate mysterious objects in order to escape a cave.

Made for Ludum 31, all the action takes place on a single screen, with a deceptively large amount to do, packed with seret passageways and items to collect or interact with.  You must start by collecting all the glowing orbs that are hidden around the level, with your next objectives becoming apparent soon after.  The wonderful pixel art graphical style is accompanied by an exceptionally atmospheric soundtrack, which adds to the air of mystery as you explore this fascinating cave system.

With a full playthough taking around 10 minutes, Rockrocket offers up a great blend of platforming and exploration, all contained within a single screen.  A minimalistic pixel art spelunker full of secrets.

Download Rockrocket HERE