Rodina War – Open Beta

rodina war

Rodinia War offers a unique blend of 2D strategy simulation and 3D MMORPG in which you build a mighty empire in the world map and fight and complete missions in third person open world action sequences.

The strategy side of Rodinia War allows players to create a hometown, manage resources, conquer cities, forge alliances and build a massive empire.  While the 3D open world combat sections allow players to take their knights on missions, gaining experience and reaping rewards.  There are five knight classes, and developing them is a key feature in the game, as they’re not only good in combat, but have uses in ruling the kingdom too.

Rodina War’s novel blend of playstyles looks like it will have something for everybody, offering an MMORPG with exciting combat and plenty of strategic depth.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer HERE

UPDATE: Open Beta No Longer Available