Rog and Roll – Beta Demo

Rog & Roll is a wonderful 2.5D pixel art action platforming adventure where a lowly enemy minion sets out to save his buddies from a tyrannical final boss.

In Rog & Roll you take control of Rog – a small tomato shaped minion whose job is to walk back and forth along a small platform all day. He lives in a world that was once controlled by evil bosses who ordered the minions to do nasty things, such as kidnapping princesses or harassing humans. The bosses were overthrown long ago though and the minions have built a new society where they can live in peace. But now a final boss has returned to enslave them all again. Rog now sets out to fight back and free his friends from the big bad boss.

The gameplay in Rog & Roll feels like a blend of Sonic’s speed and fluidity with Mario’s precision platforming and creative level design. The demo features a nice selection of levels, each differently themed, with a particular highlight being one which makes clever use of alternating the materialisation of two different types of platform.

It’s a very promising game that delivers a new perspective to the traditional platforming adventure. The controls feel great, the pixel art animation is excellent and the level design is very creative. Plus Rog is adorable and you instantly warm to him and his dedication to diligently patrolling his little platform. Highly Recommended.

Download The Rog & Roll Beta Demo Here (Steam)