Rogues Like Beer – Game Jam Build

As it turns out, rogues really do like beer. In the puzzle platformer, Rogues Like Beer, you are going to need to sacrifice yourself (and a few of your friends) so that your band of rogues can get to the beer deep within a tavern basement.

The tavern you and your rogue friends tend to frequent is completely out of beer. Normally the owner goes into the basement to grab some more, but for whatever reason, they don’t want to spare anymore of their beer. You and your friends know there is more beer within the basement, so you have decided to take on whatever traps the owner has laid out.

Once you get into the basement, you will find buttons, giant gaps, bombs, tables, water, and much more. The owner of this tavern really thinks you shouldn’t drink anymore beer. You are able to bring in as many friends as you need, sacrificing the ones that can’t quite make it. These rogues can’t put down rock slabs, but instead you can jump onto of the held rock to squish it down!

Many, many rogues will die in the process, being used to jump into gaps, hold logs or hold bombs to knock over pillars. All will be worth it when it comes to that sweet, sweet beer at the end of this deadly basement!

Play Rogues Like Beer Here (Win, Mac, Linux, and Browser)