Rogues Like Us – Alpha Demo

Rogues Like Us game

Rogues Like Us is an addictive isometric hack n’ slash rogue-like that blends the gameplay of The Binding of Isaac with the combat of Bastion, as you play a rogue who has been exiled by his clan and seeks out an ancient power as a means of redemption.

As you explore the stylish low poly dungeons you’ll battle all manner of monsters and bosses, find new weapons and armour, level up your weaponry and discover lots of the dungeons hidden secrets.  While most roguelikes revolve around levelling up your character, Rogues Like Us is all about the weapons – powerful conduits that feed of the souls of the vanquished and become more powerful with each kill.  This also means that there’s some semblance of permanence and progression throughout the game, as even if your character dies, the weapons will still stay levelled up and will come in handy for the next adventurer that finds them.

Even in these early stages of development it’s a fun game, with fast paced hack and slash gameplay, stylish visuals and a unique weapon-levelling system.  It’s quite a nice thought that even if your hero dies, the next hero that finds their weapon may stand a better chance.

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Download The Rogues Like Us Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)