Rogues or Heroes – Alpha Demo

Rogues of Heroes

Rogues or Heroes is a top-down dungeon crawler that features a diverse array of enemies, procedurally generated levels and fast paced hack n slash combat.

You play as a Knight who’s trying to escape his homeland due to a curse that has turned almost all of its inhabitants into the vile undead scourge. Armed with your trusty sword, you must slaughter all that stands in your way to not only aid you in your quest, but to help save those that are being held captive by the demons that lurk over the four kingdoms of the land. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is will you save them, or become tainted with power when you reach the souls you’re there to protect?

Rogues or Heroes combines elements of The Binding of Isaac and Fable to bring you an action packed experience where each choice you make will change the game is played. Two paths will lay before you, Be a Hero or be a Rogue. The choice to be a Rogue will tempt you more as it gives you more benefits than being a hero, but to be a hero means you will save the realm and bring peace to the land once more.

The combat of Rogues or Heroes is pretty straight forward, giving you a basic and heavy attack to dispatch your enemies. Each hit is as satisfying as the last as you see each monster go sprawling away from you with a blood trail not far behind it. You can also combine your run move to change these attacks as well. Holding the run button and using the light attack will cause you to spin in a whirlwind formation, best used when surrounded by the horde, while holding run and using the heavy attacks cause you to dash forward with your sword stretched out in front of you. Both ways are useful in certain circumstances and you will learn how to use these effectively as time passes.

Boss fights, random levels and awesome challenges await anyone that steps into the tainted lands of Rogues or Heroes. Will you rise to glory and do the right thing, or will you become tainted yourself and only care about getting out alive?  The choice is truly yours and the burden will be yours to bear alone!

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Download the Rogues or Heroes Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)