Rollin’ Rascal – Kickstarter Demo

Rollin’ Rascal is a high speed Sonic the Hedgehog inspired 3D platformer with fluid character movement and expansive open levels that are filled with secrets and alternate routes.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a back in 2021, Rollin’ Rascal is very much a game created by Sonic fans for Sonic fans. You take control of the titular Rascal and race through large levels that give you plenty of freedom to explore. As in the best classic Sonic 2D levels, completing a level isn’t particularly tricky but finding the best route and getting the best time is.

The demo features two large single-player levels that are packed full of fun stuff to discover, and it also has an online multiplayer mode too. You’ll probably need to round up some buddies to play multiplayer (as there aren’t many people online playing it at the moment due to it being a demo), but it’s a lot of fun and features more minimalist and linear levels than single-player (though they still allow for different routes).

It’s shaping out to be a perfect example of how to do a Sonic style game in 3D well. It’s a real joy racing through the vast open levels and figuring out optimal routes. A game that’s not just about going fast, but being smart too. Highly recommended.

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Download The Rollin’ Rascal Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)

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