Rolling Head: Gathernomoss – Prototype Download

Rolling Head: Gathernomoss is a very silly physics-based action platforming adventure where a disembodied head fights his way through a world made out of Classical Art to be reunited with its true love.

In Rolling Head: Gathernomoss you take control of the freshly disembodied head of Gathernomoss – a young rogue who was decapitated while frolicking with his lover. After his untimely death his body was taken by Death, but he forgot about the head, leaving him to roll around and embark on an epic quest to find his beloved.

Playing Rolling Head: Gathernomoss feels very much like you’ve entered a Terry Gilliam Monty Python animation – the entire world is made up of cut outs of Classical Art, it has a very irreverent sense of humor and a familiar looking giant foot even makes an appearance in one level. It’s all very silly and the story takes some wonderfully bizarre turns along the way.

On your journey you’ll battle guards, monsters other heads and even entire armies, which you do by hopping up into the air and then screaming as you land on your foe. You’re severely outnumbered, but you do have a few handy tricks up your sleeve, with new skills dished out intermittently by your buddy Jesus.

Even though it’s a prototype, Rolling Head: Gathernomoss is pretty polished and features a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with 22 main levels and an assortment of bonus levels to play through. It’s a lot of fun and really impresses with it’s quirky art style, silly humor and ridiculous premise. It’s always throwing up new gameplay ideas and crazy surprises as you go on your epic head-rolling adventure. Highly recommended.

Tip: Press “U” on the level select screen to unlock all the levels

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rolling Head: Gathernomoss Prototype Here (Windows)