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Romance Choice

Romance Choice is a short and strange, 4th wall breaking dating simulator with a surprising amount of emotion and some very clever twists.

We’d REALLY recommend playing the game first before reading on as the following text will contain spoilers!

Created for Ludlum Dare 34, Romance Choice is played entirely with two buttons. You use these buttons initially to select what your date looks like and wears, then to choose your dialogue as you speak to him/her. As you start out your date he/she seems to lack confidence and are very unsure of themselves. He/she is under the illusion that they’re a real person, not some code in a dating game, but underneath you can tell they know something isn’t quite right. This even manifests itself visually as they come close to any revelations, with your date starting to glitch out to dramatic effect.

It’s quite an experience watching this digital person coming to grips with what they are, culminating in a satisfying conclusion when they finally become self-aware.  A short and intense game that elicits FAR more emotion that your average dating sim.

Check Out The Ludum Page Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download Romance Choice Here (Windows Only)