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Ronin is a stealthy ninja action platformer with turn based combat, wall-climbing, and a cool grappling hook.  It’s still very early in development, even it’s name is just a placeholder, but already the innovative movement, stealth and combat mechanics are tons of fun.

You have some pretty nifty moves at your disposal, including wall climbing, rolls, swinging from a grappling hook, hanging from roofs and brutal sword attacks.  If you move your mouse while holding LMB you will enter “jump mode”, stopping time and allowing you to plot your trajectory.  The game also pauses whenever an enemy spots you, switching to a turn based combat mode, allowing you to dodge bullets and plan your attacks, and go in for an epic kill.

It’s worth noting that even the excellent pixel art graphics are just a placeholder, for an indication of the massively different (and still very cool) final graphical style go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Ronin is set to go through plenty of changes before release, but as long as that satisfying core gameplay remains, it’ll be a blast.

Follow Ronin’s development HERE

Download the Ronin Prototype HERE

4 thoughts on “Ronin – Prototype Download”

  1. This is basically a shameless ripoff of “Gunpoint.” It has the same jump mechanic, same plot, same art style, same gameplay in general. Sad, sad day.

    • Yeah the jumping mechanic has obviously been nicked from Gunpoint. The gameplay is quite different though, and and the turn based combat is a nice touch. Also, as you’ll see from the link in the post, the graphical style in the finished version will be very different. As far as plot goes, I don’t think there actually is one yet! :)

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