Roojack – Beta Download

Roojack is a charming and chilled out isometric puzzle platformer in which you switch control between two adorable little characters, one which only moves by day and one that moves by night.

In Roojack you alternate control of the two playable characters by jumping on large colored buttons that are in each level. Jumping on the buttons will not only switch control of the characters but also switches the time of day from day to night, stopping or starting and moving platforms in the process. This often means you need to time the movements of your daytime character so that the platforms are all positioned so that the night-time character can reach its goal while the moving platforms are frozen in place.

Roojack’s dual character day/night gameplay is a simple premise that makes for some pretty challenging puzzle platforming gameplay. It could possibly do with making the characters move a little bit faster but on the whole it’s a very cute and chilled out little platformer well worth checking out.

Download The Roojack Beta Here (Windows & Mac)