Room 303 – Game Jam Build

Room 303 is a short and surreal little horror game that sees you attempting to clear up a trashed room with a dead body lying in the middle of it.

In Room 303 you wake up in a room with no memory or where you are, how you got there and who the dead body is that’s lying on the floor. You need to tidy up the room, piece by piece, but you have to do it all in the correct order – you can only interact with certain items once you’ve fixed other ones. The more you fix up the room, the stranger things get, and all the while a freaky demonic voice in your head taunts you and goads you on.

It only takes a few minutes to play through Room 303 and the gameplay is fairly limited but it’s a very unsettling experience with a great ending. Welcome to room 303, you may check in but you may never leave!

Download Room 303 Here (Windows)