Room 404 – Alpha Demo

Room 404

Room 404, a game being created by 4 mates under the banner of 3DTM with help from Machine Bear Games, is a 3D Horror Puzzle game set in an eerie hotel on a stormy and bleak night. You play as Alex, a husband desperately trying to find answers as to why his wife had disappeared.

Prior to the events of the game Alex’s son was brutally killed in front of his wife, Catherine, in an old hotel room. Catherine was grief stricken by this incident and never fully recovered from the traumatic events. Soon after she ended up in hospital, unable to eat or even look after herself. Alex went to her side every single day, and one day when he arrived she’d vanished without a trace. As Alex you try to find your wife, who you believe has returned to that retched, and now abandoned, hotel in search of clues as to why your son was murdered.

Room 404 instantly throws you into the courtyard of the hotel, lightning fills the sky as it rumbles and roars around you. As you head towards the door lightning crashes down in front of you taking out a tree that only temporarily blocks your access to the hotel. You open the door of the hotel, wind bellowing through the glassless window panes. A light stabbing pain enters your gut as you slowly make your way inside, maybe mother nature was trying to warn you about the hotel?

The game may not be super polished or have fantastic graphics, but the ambience grips you from the get go and the story driven opening cut scene lets you see the potential of what this game could offer in the future. The puzzles themselves aren’t too complex and thankfully they aren’t just your typical “find A key to Open Door A to progress to next area”. Although there isn’t much to pick-up, the games atmosphere will keep you occupied as you dread what lies around every corner. The jump scares are quite good and and can catch you by surprise at times, while the darkly lit rooms add to the tension with great effect.

All in all Room 404 is oozing with potential and any budding fan of indie Horror titles will certainly miss out on a game that grips you from the word go, has incredible ambience and a story just ready to pull you in and never let you go.

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Download The Room 404 Alpha Demo Here (English) or Here (Portuguese)