Room of Truth – Game Jam Build

Room of Truth is a stylish pixel art interrogation game in which you use questions, intimidation and violence to uncover the truth about the murder of a young woman.

In Room of Truth you are given a case file to look through and a prime suspect to interrogate. The suspect in question is a 65 year old shaman who lives in a small tribe where the victim was also from. The victim was found at the outskirts of the village, with heavy injuries all over her body and surrounded by items that seem to indicate some form of ritual has gone on.

You need to interrogate the suspect and get the truth out of him, but will you be level headed and treat him fairly or will you let your fists do the talking? He’s a 65 year old man so he won’t take much punishment and he does really seem to believe his religious motivations, but with a little digging you may get the full story out of him.

Room of Truth was created in a short time for a game jam and English isn’t the devs first language, so there are some grammatical errors, but it’s an interesting experience that sees you questioning your own morals as you utilise different methods of interrogation. The narrative is interesting too, as you uncover the gravity of the suspect’s crime and make your own mind up whether he’s a man of religion who believes he’s doing god’s work or just a psychopathic murderer. An intriguing and complicated case, well worth investigating.

Important Note: Although there are five case files in the menu screen, at the moment you can only play the first one (due to the time constraints of the game jam).

Download Room of Truth Here (Windows)