Roomies – Game Jam Build Download


Roomies is a short, simple and surprisingly poignant roguelite room management game in which you arrange furniture in a small one room apartment with an aim of meeting the needs of its occupants.

Roomies is a little like a stripped down version of The Sims, with you simply tasked with selecting furniture and placing it in an apartment and trying to keep the people living there happy. At set intervals within the game you’re either given a random selection of furniture to choose from, a choice of what furniture to remove or a life event which may add or remove occupants from the apartment.

Each type of furniture can satisfy one of the occupants basic needs (Happiness, Rest, Food and Hygiene), so you need to try and make sure there’s a fairly even spread of furniture types to achieve the optimal results. You start off with just one occupant, but due to important life events you end up squeezing more and more people into your little space.

Roomies takes around 15 minutes to play through and manages to pack some addictive gameplay and a compelling narrative during its short playtime. It can get a little hectic trying to squeeze so many people into your little apartment, but your quaint little space serves you well and there may come a time when you miss the hustle and bustle of all those people!

Download Roomies Here (Win & Mac)