Ropacy – Student Game

Ropacy is a tricky hand drawn platforming adventure where you can’t control the direction you move, but can use various jumping, gliding, boosting, slicing and burrowing abilities to overcome obstacles on your way to the beach.

Created by students LISAA Paris, Ropacy follows the story of a ghost who possess a rock to help her travel from the mountains to the beach. You can’t control the direction the rock rolls (that’s just affected by inertia and the direction of the slope you’re on), but you do have the ability to jump, boost, wall-jump, slice destructible objects, glide through the air and burrow through dirt. You’ll have to use all of these skills to overcome the many deadly hazards and obstacles between the mountain and the beach.

The mapping of the controls in Ropacy is a little weird (you use S,Z, Spacebar, LMB & RMB), but once you get used to it then it’s a fun little game. The hand drawn artwork is beautiful and it’s fun trying to figure out which combinations of abilities you need to get your boulder where it needs to go without actually being able to move it left or right yourself. A unique little platformer well worth rolling with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ropacy Here (Windows & Linux)