Rose & Locket – Alpha Download

Rose & Locket is a beautifully animated graphic novel styled 2D supernatural Wild West action adventure where a gunslinging mother ventures into the underworld to save her daughter.

In Rose & Locket you take on the role of Rose, a badass gunslinging mother whose daughter’s spirit is trapped inside a locket. You must now venture into the underworld and claim the bounties of powerful entities for the green-eyed spirit of Envy. In return she promises to save your daughter.

The current build of Rose & Locket takes around 15 minutes to play through and contains an introduction to the story, a series of gunfights with evil spirits and a big bulti-stage boss battle. It’s a well crafted experience and the combat is fast, fun and challenging, with you able to use two weapons, each with alternate fire modes, to dispatch your enemies.

It’s a very impressive game that delivers a very cinematic experience that’s oozing with style. The voice acting is excellent, there’s great use of comic book panel structuring and the gun-based combat is a lot of fun. A spirit-blasting weird west adventure with tons of style.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rose & Locket Alpha Here (Windows)