Rose of Starcross – Alpha Demo

Rose of Starcross is a beautiful narrative-based RPG adventure which sees you using a magical sword as you explore and discover the secrets of a world that is still recovering from a cataclysmic effect that almost wiped out humanity 300 years ago.

Drawing inspiration from the MOTHER, Zelda and the Mario RPG games, Rose of Starcross is a beautifully crafted RPG adventure set in a vibrant fantasy world full of quirky characters. The world of Starcross was nearly totally destroyed 300 years ago, but a Heavenly Queen managed to save it before having to seal herself inside a door. Since then, the population of the world have got used to the demons, the undead and Anims that now roam the world (some friendly, some not so much), and they line up each day to try and pull a magical sword from a stone. That is until your mysterious unknown character turns up one day and pulls the sword from the stone on their first try – sparking the start of your epic adventure.

The Rose of Starcross demo build features a sizeable chunk of the game, with around 2 hours of gameplay (or more depending on what mode you play in). The world is a fascinating place to explore, full of weird characters and interesting lore to discover. The open world exploration feels quite similar to the Zelda games, but with it switching to a turn-based combat system when you encounter an enemy. There’s a nice amount of skill in the combat, with a variety of tactical options and timing-based QTE’s and some Undertale-esque mini-games that can significantly affect your chances of success in battle.

Even in these early stages of development Rose of Starcross is shaping up to be a very impressive game. The dreamlike world of Starcross is a dangerous, but beautiful and captivating place, full of interesting characters and secrets to uncover. It’s fondly reminiscent of Undertale and MOTHER, but also feels like a fresh take on the genre and its world is very unique. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rose of Starcross Alpha Demo Here (Windows)