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Roseblight is a stylish monochrome RPG adventure where a happy hero with a split personality battles monsters on his way up a mountain in search of something that fell from the sky.

Taking place on a distant planet called Ahokau, Roseblight is a retro styled RPG that follows the adventures of a young guy called “Overalls” who has a split personality with a very dark side. Overalls lives a very happy life in his pleasant little town and runs a shop where he sells flowers to the locals. However, his darker half can’t stay locked away forever and there’s also the small matter of a mysterious object that fell from the sky and crashed into the top of a mountain. As Overalls (and his darker half) set out in search of the object you’ll battle strange monsters, discover secrets, solve puzzles and learn new skills.

The Alpha build of Roseblight contains around an hour’s worth of gameplay and really impresses with its high quality pixel art visuals, interesting characters and charming game world. Most of your time is spent with Overalls, but things get most interesting when his darker side makes an appearance, so hopefully he’ll get a little more screen-time in the future.

You solve puzzles, chat to characters and explore the world in real-time (riding your motorbike is particularly fun), but the game switches to a turn-based combat system when you encounter enemies. This is where the Roseblight runs into issues at the moment as the combat system is very clunky and lacks any real depth (you can basically just attack, use an item or move).

The turn-based combat of Roseblight bravely (but unsuccessfully) eschews a grid-based movement system for a free-form gridless system which lacks accuracy. Also, once you engage one enemy in an area you’re stuck in the turn-based movement system until you kill them all – which is a real pain in the ass in large areas where the enemies are spread out.

If the dev manages to sort the issues with the combat then Roseblight could be an excellent game as everything else about it is very promising. The cheery monochrome world is a delightful place to spend time in, the incidental characters you meet are a lot of fun, the split-personality dynamic has a lot of potential and the pixel artwork is fantastic. With a better combat system it’ll be a must play.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Roseblight Alpha Here (Windows)

3 thoughts on “Roseblight – Alpha Download”

  1. Hey! I’m Alex, the guy who made this! Thank you guys so much for playing!

    Yeah, I agree the battle system is a little iffy, I’m actually working on that at the moment. I’m take your feedback to heart and get to work right away.

    You guys are awesome! Keep it up!

  2. You should post this on Steam, It’s a very fun game! It might gain some more traction, too. It’s a cool concept.

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