Rosewater – Alpha Demo

Rosewater is a non-linear point and click Wild West adventure where problems have multiple solutions as a freelance writer goes in search of a missing fortune.

In Rosewater you follow the adventure of Harley Ledger, an astute and tenacious woman who works as a freelance writer in an alternate 19th century Wild West. After taking up a post at the Rosewater Post in the small town of Rosewater, Harley meets some of the locals, makes some friends (and enemies) and learns of a missing treasure. She then sets out on an adventure with a ragtag posse in search of fame and riches.

The Rosewater demo features a sizable chunk of gameplay and follows Harley as she arrives in Rosewater, explores the town, meets the locals and learns of the treasure. It plays much like a traditional point and click adventure, but there’s one very big difference – problems can have multiple solutions and the choices you make have a real effect on the trajectory of the story. For instance – you can embark on a short quest to persuade a doorman to let you in or you can just knock him out and walk straight in.

It’s a very impressive game with high quality artwork and a fun Wild West setting with a nice selection of rogues and scoundrels (and a few upstanding citizens). There’s no voicework in the current build, but the dialogue is very well written and does a great job of fleshing out the characters and the town of Rosewater. The branching narrative and multiple solutions to problems is a great touch too that should allow players to forge their own story and allow for plenty of replayability. Highly recommended.

Download The Rosewater Alpha Demo Here (Steam)