RoShamBo Arena – Beta Download (Steam)

RoShamBo arena download

RoShamBo Arena is a fun game that adds XP, levelling, potions, special abilities, boss fights, loot and equipment to the age old game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Playable in a single player campaign or online multiplayer, RoShamBo Arena adds a vast amount to depth to the traditional RPS formula. The core gameplay remains the same, with you attempting to defeat your opponent by choosing between rock, paper and scissors. But RoShamBo Arena adds a variety of RPG elements to the fray, with you able to level up your health, attack and defense stats, unlock new characters, use powerful potions, collect loot, use special skills, customize your character and battle bosses.

It’s a fun game with charming (and brutal) cartoon-style visuals that turns the classic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors into a full on RPG. An addictive and engaging RPSRPG.

Download The RoShamBo Arena Beta Here