ROTA – Kickstarter Demo

ROTA is a tricky minimalist 2D puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating gravity to reach the exits of deviously designed levels.

In ROTA you can shift your direction of gravity by walking around the outside edge of an object and you can also shift the direction of gravity of moveable boxes by punching them and pressing a direction. Another important gameplay mechanic is that you can punch the boxes up in the air by holding up and punch, then you can quickly jump and punch the box again whilst it’s still in the air, changing its direction again and stopping it from flying off into space.

It’s still early in development and takes a little time to get used to moving the boxes about, but ROTA shows a lot of promise. It’s got a great 1-Bit art style, the gravity bending physics are fun to play around with and the level design is very inventive. A cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer well worth checking out.

Note: You can push up and punch to punch boxes in the air and you can also punch boxes while they are in the air

Check Out The ROTA Kickstarter Page Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ROTA Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)