Rot:Purge – Alpha Download

Rot:Purge is a fast paced top down twin stick zombie shooter that sees you battling for survival in a voxel based zombie infested world.

Rot:Purge offers an intense twin stick arcade combat full of the type of voxel based zombie blasting carnage that the dev describes nicely as “if Michael Bay made a Lego movie and it didn’t suck”. In the game you play a lone cop (co-op is coming in future builds) who has to survive waves of rampaging zombies in different locations across a city.

Each level of Rot:Purge sees you attempting to survive waves of zombies, with you able to choose between playing in Waves Mode or Hardpoint Mode on each one. Waves Mode sees you blasting two big waves of zombies, while in Hardpoint mode you earn double XP when inside hardpoints but no XP when outside them.

The current build of Rot:Purge is still very early in development, so is lacking some features and a bit of polish, but the core gameplay is already great fun. There are only two main weapons and four different maps, but the game introduces lots of different types of zombie as you play, there are unlockable secondary weapons and the level of detail and destructibility in each map is very impressive. A bombastic blocky twin-stick shooter with stylish low poly visuals and masses of OTT zombie blasting carnage.

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Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rot:Purge Alpha Here (Windows)

Special Thanks to Mathyno For The Heads Up About This Alpha!