Rotwood – Open Alpha

Rotwood is a beautifully animated hack and slash adventure where you and up to three friends battle your way through a monster infested forest.

Currently in development by Klei Entertainment (creators of Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja), Rotwood is a co-op hack and stark adventure with roguelite elements. In the game you and up to three other players will battle corrupted monsters in a dense labyrinthine forest. You’ll then be able to spend your spoils to create new weapons and fortify your base.

The current playtest focuses on the combat (so no base building), and allows you to choose from three playable characters then fight your way through the forest. The combat is pretty simplistic but the animation is superb and there’s a nice s election of perks to choose from as you go. The playtest is live right now so jump in for some forest fighting fun.

Join In The Rotwood Open Alpha Here (Click “Request Access”)