Rough Rush – Alpha Download

Rough Rush is a stylish three lane endless runner that sees you hurtling down neon tracks, dodging obstacles and blasting robots in a dystopian future where machines have overthrown humanity.

In Rough Rush you control a driver warrior who races through five districts of a robotic city. You can weave between three tracks, hover in the air, boost, and blast enemies using a selection of weaponry. You pick up gears during each run that can be used to purchase new upgrades and cool new cars or you can use the gears to repair your car whilst driving.

The current build of Rough Rush features one district to race through and offers a visual feast of neon and mechanical environments as you race through it. The gameplay is fun, but feels a little too easy and slow at the start, taking some time before it offers any real challenge.

The way you stick to each lane (instead of free WipEout-style racing) makes Rough Rush easy to pick up and play, but does make it feel a bit less skillful than a traditional racer. Things will get a lot tougher at higher speeds though and blasting the various robots and grabbing all the collectibles keeps you entertained. A fun futuristic endless runner, well worth checking out for some high speed robo-blasting action.

Download The Rough Rush Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)