Roulette Knight – Game Jam Build

Roulette Knight is a very addictive and very tense roguelike Russian Roulette RPG in which you collect loot, earn XP, unlock perks and explore a kingdom while avoiding shooting yourself to death.

In Roulette Knight you take control of a fearless knight who must survive a series of Russian Roulette matches as he traverses the kingdom. In each square of the kingdom map you have to win three Russian Roulette matches to progress. You can load the barrel of you gun with as many bullets as you like, earning more cash for each bullet you add and for the amount of successful misses in a row. If you do get shot it will drastically decrease your health, which you can top up again with spells and regen perks, but you really don’t want to get shot too many times in a row (and there’s always the chance of a critical hit that can do some serious damage).

As you progress you’ll earn XP and cash. The cash can be used in the shop to purchase new equipment such as larger guns or protective helmets, while the XP can be used to unlock perks such as HP regen or increasing your evasion chance. You’ll really need those perks and equipment as you progress as each new area you explore on the map is has more challenging modifiers that can seriously decrease your chances of survival.

It’s an odd premise, but Roulette Knight’s fusion of Russian Roulette and RPG elements makes for a very addictive experience as you chase loot and XP while always knowing that the next bullet may have your name on it. A high stakes revolver RPG roguelike well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Roulette Knight Here (Browser)