Rovonaut Comrade – Game Jam Build Download

Rovonaut Comrade is an excellent little first person 1980’s Russian cosmonaut Mars Rover operating simulator where you attempt you guide a rover to the crash site of a colonization vessel.

In Rovonaut Comrade you take control of a Russian cosmonaut who remotely operates a Mars Rover from a pod shaped command console in an orbiting spacecraft. A colonization vessel containing many crew has recently drifted off course and crashed at an unknown location. You need to drive the rover over to the crash site so that your team can get a fix on the location and start a rescue operation.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little simulation game with a great premise and a fantastic 1980’s Russian space tech aesthetic. There are very few instructions on how to operate the rover so when you’re first presented with your control console it can (deliberately) be a little overwhelming and confusing, but once you fiddle around with the controls a bit then it’s surprisingly easy to get to grips with. It would be nice to see it expanded on with more missions and more challenging terrain as it’s great fun sitting in your cockpit fiddling with your nobs!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Rovonaut Comrade (Win, Mac & Linux)